Lady Liberty


A ferry is needed to reach Liberty Island where the Statue is Liberty is placed. The ferry circles the island before reaching it and while facing the statue straight on I took this shot. The title of the photo is ‘Lady Liberty’ and using the basic principle of the rule of thirds balances the framing of the shot. I added a purple warming filter to the photo to add some depth in the sky and water, this added more vibrance the shot. Even with the added vibrance, it does take away the focus of the photo.


New York Photography


Last week my Dad went to New York for five days and as he returned it made me think of when I went there a few years ago. I visited the city in 2011 with my high school as part of a school drama trip (I didn’t study drama, there was a few spaces left on the trip open for anyone).

I have been looking through some of the photos I took while in New York and thought of re-editing some of my favourites. In the next couple of posts I will upload the edits, comment on the shots and why I picked them