My University Dissertation


Conducting a dissertation offers the opportunity to produce a detailed piece of academic study. It allowed myself to engage with a specialist area in Media Arts and develop in further depth issues I have studied in previous years.

Gathering information required myself to engage in the different stages of research. This entails formulation, design, organisation and interpretation. At each stage, I was expected to demonstrate my analytical skills and critical judgement. The project offered myself the chance to synthesise elements from the theory, research methods and the substantive areas I have studied for in my degree.

U.N.I.T.Y, You Gotta Let Him Know – The Analysis of Misogyny Within Hip Hop Lyrics (From the Golden Age to the Contemporary)

Abstract – While politics and social activism have been at the forefront of Hip Hop music, it is perceived the genre glorifies misogyny, with multi-million record selling artists sending messages of dislike of women through their lyrics to a global audience. Female Hip Hop artists have to fight for equality against their male counterparts as well as overcoming all the prejudices that come with the genre. Starting from the birth of Hip Hop, throughout its rise through the golden age, misogyny has been a present theme in many of the highest regarded rappers ever to hold a mic.